Warwick, N.Y. (July 1) -- The more than 100 doctors of St. Anthony Community Hospital posthumously saluted their beloved colleague, surgeon Niaz A. Momin M.D., on June 25, dedicating a plaque at the entrance to the hospital’s operating room suite to his memory.

Dr. Momin, St. Anthony’s chief of surgery for more than a decade, touched countless lives in the Warwick community, fellow doctors said. Dr. Momin died May 18, 2008, at 72.

“We still have great affection for him, and we will always hold him in our hearts,” said Dr. Dominic Cappelleri, who worked alongside Dr. Momin for 31 years. “Some of us still see him walking these halls all times of the day and night - and weekends. We all remember his great affable manner with his patients, and his great skill.”

Dr. Cappelleri, Dr. James Shanahan and Jeff Reilly, Bon Secours Charity Health System’s Interim Senior Vice President of Operations for Orange County, called Momin “truly a man for others,” a gifted surgeon who cared for his patients in extraordinary ways.

Momin practiced at St. Anthony from 1977 until shortly before his death. His widow, Monique Momin, sister Shamima Momin and her husband Haroon Momin, and more than 20 friends and colleagues attended the intimate June 25 ceremony. Dr. Momin’s two grown children, Karim Momin and Shamim Momin, were unable to attend.

“Even in the last few months of Dr. Momin’s life, when he was not feeling well, he continued to practice,” Dr. Cappelleri said. “He operated on two patients of mine less than a month before he became acutely ill and needed to be hospitalized. He was always there, until he was physically incapable, wanting to help patients. Great admiration really comes into my heart when I think about that.”

A native of Mumbai, India, who did his medical residency at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Momin opened a private practice in Warwick in 1977. His former office at 7 Grand St., Warwick, now occupied by Dr. Edward Rossi, was last year named “The Niaz A. Momin Pediatric Resource Center.”

In 1997, Dr. Momin was honored at a Montreal, Canada, gathering of doctors he had taught as medical students nearly 30 years earlier – in Vietnam. From 1969-1971, as a volunteer for the International Rescue Committee, Dr. Momin treated civilian casualties and trained medical students.

In a word, Dr. Shanahan said, Dr. Momin was “devoted.”

“Seldom do you run across someone willing to devote their entire life - their entire existence - to the care of other people,” said Dr. Shanahan. “I don’t think there are many people who can make that claim, that their existence is based on caring for other people.”

The 100-plus doctors of the Medical Staff of St. Anthony Community Hospital dedicated a plaque June 25 at the entrance to the hospital’s Center for Ambulatory Services to the memory of the late Dr. Niaz A. Momin, who was chair of the hospital Department of Surgery for more than a decade. Attending the ceremony were, in front from left, Dr. Momin’s brother-in-law Haroon Momin; his widow, Monique Momin; his sister, Shamima Momin; and Ming C. Chiou, MD, FACA; and, in back, St. Anthony doctors Anthony Martini, Mayank Shah, James Shanahan, Stephen Hoverman, Dominic Cappelleri and John Juliano.
Photo by Tom Leek/for St. Anthony Community Hospital

Monique Momin, widow of Dr. Niaz A. Momin of Warwick, who for more than a decade chaired the Department of Surgery at St. Anthony Community Hospital, and Dr. Momin’s sister and brother-in-law, Shamima and Haroon Momin, at the hospital June 25. The hospital’s 100-plus doctors dedicated the plaque, which hangs outside the St. Anthony operating room suite, to Dr. Momin’s memory.
Photo by Tom Leek/for St. Anthony Community Hospital

Dr. Dominic Cappelleri, center, a 31-year colleague at St. Anthony Community Hospital of Dr. Niaz A. Momin, and the hospital’s Medical Staff remember Dr. Momin, who died May 18, 2008, as “truly a man for others.” St. Anthony doctors – including, from left, James Shanahan,  Ming Chiou, Cappelleri, John Juliano and Anthony Martini – on June 25 dedicated a plaque at the entrance to its operating room suite, the Center for Ambulatory Services, to Dr. Momin’s memory.
Photo by Tom Leek/for St. Anthony Community Hospital

This plaque honoring the late Dr. Niaz A. Momin, chief of surgery at St. Anthony Community Hospital for more than a decade, was dedicated June 25 by the more than 100 members of the St. Anthony Medical Staff. Dr. Momin died May 18, 2008.
Photo by Tom Leek/for St. Anthony Community Hospital

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