Chief of Plastic Surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital Featured in the Times Herald Record

Dr. Laura Sudarsky discusses breast reconstruction, highlighting DIEP surgery for mastectomy patients

Our own Dr. Laura Sudarksy , chief of plastic surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital has been featured in an article in local newspaper, The Times Herald Record. The article focuses on the recent surgery that has been added to our wide array of services offered within the Bon Secours Charity Health System.

The Record’s article highlights DIEP surgery (deep inferior epigastric perforator), a highly skilled operation that is used to reconstruct the breast for patients whom are in need of a mastectomy.  DIEP surgery has been offered at Good Samaritan Hospital since August and is performed by Dr. Sudarsky as well as our team of top-notch physicians in our area.

This particular method of surgery is favorable to patients because unlike other major surgeries, it does not require a lengthy hospital stay. Contrary to other surgeries offered to mastectomy patients, those who are eligible for DIEP surgery are afforded a short hospital stay in the range of three to four days.  Other options available to mastectomy patients usually require an inpatient stay that can last for an entire week. 

Information on the benefits, eligibility and the process for DIEP surgery are all discussed within the article written by The Record.  If you or a loved one are in need of a mastectomy and would like more information in order to make a more informed decision, please read the article written by The Record.  The article can be found at 

Source: Times Herald Record 

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