Bon Secours Community Hospital Has One Of The Few Lipidologists In The US

Port Jervis, NY (May 14, 2010) – At Bon Secours Community Hospital, Dr. Herbert Green, M.D., educates patients on the importance of maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, especially as it relates to overall cardiac health.

As one of just 500 lipidologists nationwide, and the only one within a 30-mile radius of the Port Jervis community, Dr. Green practices a unique and relatively new specialty that is changing the landscape of effective cholesterol treatment and maintenance.

Typically referred to lipidologists by a primary care physician, pediatrician or cardiologist, patients are often sent to Dr. Green if lifestyle and dietary changes have proved unsuccessful in managing their cholesterol. Dr. Green also sees numerous patients who suffer from statin intolerance, which means that they are unable to take statins, the first-line drugs used to treat high cholesterol. Oftentimes, patients will visit Dr. Green as a preventative measure if they have a strong family history of heart attacks.

“Some of the disorders that I see, even genetic disorders relating to cholesterol, are far more common than people think,” said Dr. Green. “Between 25 to 50 percent of people who have suffered a heart attack actually have Familial Hypercholesterolemia or Combined Hyperlipidemia, which are genetic cholesterol disorders. Additionally, a staggering 50 percent of adults have high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome. It is imperative that we work to increase awareness of this nationally-pervasive issue.”

Dr. Green utilizes the latest imaging studies and advanced tests to identify patients’ specific risk factors and provide specialized interventions. Additionally, with the help of a lipidologist, traditional diet and exercise can become life-saving treatments. By decreasing one’s body weight by five percent to 10 percent, most patients experience notably lower cholesterol numbers. Dr. Green suggests that patients begin monitoring their cholesterol as early as possible.

“In life, the later you start to monitor your cholesterol, the thicker and more clogged your arteries can become, which is very difficult to reverse,” warns Dr. Green.

Dr. Green urges anyone who is worried about their cholesterol or triglyceride levels to undergo a blood test. If cholesterol-related issues persist, even after diet and lifestyle changes, he suggests asking for a referral to a local lipidologist.

“Bon Secours Community Hospital is on the cutting edge of assessing and managing cholesterol, and I am proud to align myself with a hospital that recognizes the important relationship between cholesterol and cardiac health,” said Dr. Green.

About Dr. Herbert Green, M.D.
Dr. Green, a Board-Certified Lipidologist, has worked for the past two decades in the Greater New York metropolitan area, first at one of the largest New York City HMOs and then at Montefiore Medical Group. His vast office and hospital experience includes the successful care and management of people with diabetes, asthma, hypertension, osteoperosis, obesity and high cholesterol. He had previously served on numerous professional committees, in which he was primarily responsible for assessing the quality of patient care.


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