Local Artist Chosen for Bon Secours Hospital Triage Decor

Local Artist Chosen for Bon Secours Hospital Triage Decor

June 4, 2013, Port Jervis, NY:  Bon Secours Community Hospital, Port Jervis, New York, has chosen local artist Keith Utter for his art work enhance a busy hallway where the Fast Track/Clinic is located by the Emergency Room.

Clinical Director, Maureen Donnelly, received a grant for the purpose of selecting artwork for the triage area which will be undergoing an upgrade.  She reached out to the emergency room employees for assistance, and at their recommendation, James Campistrous was chosen to lead and coordinate the project.   James has been employed as an emergency department nurse at Bon Secours for over 8 years.  James created and proposed a community-outreach project that would call upon numerous artists, photographers of the Tri-State area.    

The construct of this project, created by James, was simple. This project reached out to community artists and photographers through the Tri-State and Pike County Chambers of Commerce asking local artists to submit their work in a storyboard/collage format for consideration.  No subject matter was suggested to the artists.   Over 160 inquiries were received from local artists regarding the project.  

Once the storyboards were displayed in the hospital, Bon Secours Community employees were allowed one ballot form to vote for their top three choices.  All employees were asked to submit a signed ballot to avoid duplicative votes from a single employee.     

After nearly a week of viewing the storyboard artwork from over 40 artists, the ballots were counted - resulting in Keith Utter taking the prize of $1500 for his work.   Other artists providing storyboards/collages were; Roger Gotleib; Michael Worden; Nancy Davis-Kessler; Jessica jones; Yvonne Mueller; Caroline Harrow; George Haas; Kim Pearce; Anna Fugazzi; Frank Romano; Howard Marc Steiman; Diane Komick-Ouzooman; Jeff Montayne; Judith Kramer; Sara McHugh; Breanne Frost; Gail/Gary Stellato; Cheryl Simpson; Heidi Lanino-Bilezikian; Eileen MacAvery; Kirisiah McNamara; Nancy Reed-Jones; Mae Bertoni; Rosalyn Ross-Hoffman; Bernie Hofffman; Brittany Prais; Jennifer Ferndinansen; Joseph Petrosi; Tryna Rose; Ashley Kaufman; Bess Moran; Ellen Celano; James Ferrara; Joanne Wells Greenbaum; Mark Kapunsky; Nick Roes; and Thomas Duncan.

A “Meet and Greet” is planned for the participating artists in the near future and Bon Secours Community Hospital hopes to display the storyboard/collages at the Tri-State Chamber of Commerce annual Art Walk this summer.  

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