9-11 Masses of Remembrance

It does not seem like it but It has been 10 years since the tragedy of 9-11.  Many in our Charity family lost loved ones and friends.  I believe it is safe to say that all of us will never be the same after witnessing that massive destruction of life in our backyard.

In order to honor those that lost their lives, those who were injured, those that suffer psychologically from the trauma, those heroes that saved others at risk to themselves and those many volunteers who helped all of us in the aftermath, the Bon Secours Charity health System has planned the following remembrances.

There will be the following Masses of Remembrance

Friday, Sept 9th

Bon Secours Community Hosp. - 11:00 AM
Warwick Campus (Mt.Alverno) - 9:00 AM
Good Samaritan Hospital - 12:00 Noon
Sunday, Sept. 11th

Bon Secours Community Hosp.  - 11:00 AM
Warwick Campus (Mt.Alverno) -  9:15 AM
Good Samaritan Hospital - 10:30
Please write the name of any person you want remembered in a special way in the Memory Book, located in each chapel.

There will be a special overhead prayer of remembrance at each facility both on Friday and Sunday, 9-11.

Also, there will be a prayer card distributed to our patients and staff in remembrance. The prayer on this card will be recited overhead at our facilities by a Regional Leader at 10:15AM on Sunday.

Please pray for all those that suffer as a result of 9-11 and pray for peace.

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