Jawonio ‘Day Hab.’ Provides Service to Others in Garden of Hope.


On a brilliantly sun-filled day, reminiscent of that same day 11 years ago, we pause to remember those lost, but we also take time remember the importance of service to others. Today, in the ‘Garden of Hope’ at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, consumers from Jawonio ‘Day Hab.’ Services of New City, gathered and performed their part in providing service to others by planting crops, which will be harvested for use in our local food pantry. Our horticultural therapy session focused on learning about peas, how they grow, when they grow, how they look, feel and taste. Skillful hands planted the seeds in the raised beds and we will now practice patience, as we wait for the fruits of our labor.


During this week of “Hunger Awareness,” we are grateful for the wonderful and talented group from Jawonio ‘Day Hab,’ their dedicated staff members, Deborah and Jackie, and special educator/volunteer, Bette Willins, for helping us as together, we strive to provide service to others today and every day. 




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