Good Samaritan Hospital

The Case Management Department arranges for post-hospital care for patients admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital, organizes plans for discharge and helps patients avoid unnecessary re-admissions by providing a smooth transition from one level of health care to another.

The Case Management Department screens all patients admitted to the hospital to assess the patient's future health care needs once he or she leaves the hospital. When a need for post-hospital care is determined, the Case Management Department arranges for the necessary services with the patient, family, and physician. In addition, the Case Management Department will work with all insurance carriers to determine coverage and reimbursement under the patient's contract.

Our Case Management at Good Samaritan Hospital utilizes a unified a team approach. Working closely with the medical staff, the department conducts patient reviews with representatives of the nursing department, social workers, dietary department, and any other skilled professionals involved in the care of the patient to determine the patient's special needs.

The Case Management Department is a member of the hospital-wide Quality Assurance Committee and the Professional Advisory Committee of the Home Care Department.

Director Case Management
Phone: 845-368-5114
Fax: 845-368-5340

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