As the focus on concussion in the athletic and scholastic community is growing significantly, a need is present in the community served by the Bon Secours Charity Health System for appropriate concussion education, prevention, diagnosis and management. This need is recognized by both state and federal lawmakers who have made significant strides towards a more expertly derived and systematically implemented set of guidelines to address this problem. Chief among state and federal guidelines is the need for educational updates on concussion for coaches, athletes and parents, timely identification of possible concussion by event officials and athletic trainers, appropriate diagnosis by a physician specifically trained in concussion as well as implementation and coordination of management by those same physicians. These guidelines also call for the availability of computerized neurocognitive testing to aid in the diagnosis and management of concussion.

The Concussion Management Program was created by Dr. Belasco in response to this need. It provides an all-inclusive service to school systems, as well as club teams and other local sports organizations, who would like to make sure they comply with the rapidly developing federal guidelines on concussion as well as provide the best possible care to their athletes who suffer from concussion.

For the first time in Orange County, every school system, no matter how small, has the opportunity to provide the kind of concussion education and care previously only manageable by the largest and best supported colleges and universities. It also allows schools that have already started implementing concussion services to bring their programs to the next level of excellence.

Nicholas Belasco, DO is a Physician member of the Bon Secours Medical Group with offices in Goshen, New York and Milford, Pennsylvania. He attended medical school at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, a member hospital of the Atlantic Health and Mount Sinai Medical Systems. In 2010 Dr. Belasco completed his fellowship in Sports Medicine with the Atlantic Healthcare System, which is the home of the New York Jets. He began work with Bon Secours in September 2010 and we are very pleased to welcome him to Orange County!

In addition to providing general family medicine and sports medicine, Dr. Belasco will serve as Director of the new Bon Secours Concussion Management Program. We applaud Dr. Belasco’s commitment to the health of our student athletes and we thank him for bringing his Concussion Management Program to the Bon Secours Health System.

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