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  • "Most all of my life was spent overweight in which I tried every diet that was on the market. It seemed nothing would work for me even though I followed them dilligently and exercized like crazy. Finally I hit my wits end and started looking into a more serious approach with gastric bypass surgery. I knew that it wouldn't be easy but decided it was the right option for me and at 256 pounds on my 5'4" frame went to Tri-State Bariatrics for a consultation. The staff at Tri State were pleasant and helpful and not once did I feel like I was being scrutinized or judged for choosing surgery over dieting. July 29th 2009 is when my life changed with Roux En Y Gastric Bypass Surgery by Dr. Kwon. I have now lost 103 pounds since my surgery a little over a year ago and I have never felt better. My eating habits have changed and I opt for fruits and vegetables as well as healthier entrees instead of sweets and fast food. In fact I don't eat anything with sugar in it and haven't done so since my surgery. I have more energy and I am able to do things that I felt my weight kept me from doing before. I also have a lot more confidence and have made many new friends that I would have been afraid to meet when I was overweight. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and actually like the person that I see looking back at me. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Kwon at Tri-State Bariatrics for helping to make my life healthier."

  • Since I was fifteen years old, I have always had a weight problem. I had tried different methods of dieting for many years without results. By the year 2003, I started researching information about gastric bypass surgery. Two years later (2005), I found Dr. Ramon Rivera and he has changed my life.

    I contacted Dr. Rivera’s office and made an appointment with him for an initial consultation. He thoroughly explained the different types of surgeries and how important it is to be at a healthy weight. I was afraid of such a dramatic surgical procedure but I thought that it was the right decision. My surgery was performed at Good Samaritan Hospital. I was assigned wonderful personal care that helped me through a successful procedure.

    After the surgery, I lost 124 pounds in nine months. A few months later, I got pregnant with (Samuel) my first child after 18 years of marriage.  Three years after my surgery, I had my second baby (Lucas). After childbirth I continued to maintain my ideal weight.  My life has changed in so many different ways thanks to Dr.  Rivera.  I look and feel much younger and healthier! Everyone can see the changes, but the most important thing is that I can see the difference and I feel great!!

  • My name is Evonne and I wanted to share my experience about the Lap Band surgery and with Dr. Rivera. I had the Lap Band surgery and it has been a life-changing experience.  Since I had this surgery, I have regained control of my life.  It has helped me not only lose over 60lbs but also learn the proper way to live a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Rivera has been an amazing doctor.  He was very patient and inspirational during my Journey.  Because of his thorough investigation into my health, he uncovered my heart condition.  His discovery ultimately saved my life.  Since then, my health has never been better.  I am now able to walk and spend time with my grandchildren without feeling exhausted. I can go shopping for a long period without getting winded.  I am able to work out daily without pain because of my obesity.  My self-esteem has improved dramatically.  I feel better about not only the way I look but the strength and confidence I feel in myself.  I would recommend this surgery without hesitation.  Dr. Rivera is truly an incredible doctor.  One who genuinely cares and respects his patients as individuals. His staff has also been very helpful and informative in my experience.   They were always willing to answer my questions and lend support when needed.  I thank Dr. Rivera and his staff for all their support and encouragement.

  • Hi my name is Diane. I have had a weight problem since I was 11 years old. I have tried different diets and diet pills, nothing has worked. At the age of 40, while pregnant with my third child I gained almost 50 lbs. I had tried and tried to lose the baby weight but instead of losing I kept gaining till I reached 238 lbs. I became so depressed until I met Dr. Rivera, he changed my life.
    After several visits, he suggested to me to try the Lap Band surgery. I had surgery on August 18, 2008 and a year later I was 48 lbs thinner.  Now, in 2011 I have lost a total of 74lbs since my surgery and I went from a size 20 to a size 10!  I not only have a new attitude and outlook on life but I feel 10 years younger. Thank you and your staff (Keri and Tara) for being my inspiration and making me feel good about myself once again.

  • "I started my journey back in December of '09. It's been nine months and I have lost over 85 lbs so far. I had been researching about weight loss surgery for a little while. I asked my Dr. who to contact and he recommended Tri-State Bariatrics and Dr. Kwon. It's been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I started talking about it on Facebook, I talk to my family and my friends all of whom were very excited for me. I travel for work teaching safety to truck drivers all over the north east coast. As part of my intro to the class I tell them a little about myself and what I have done and I get a lot of positive feedback.

    I had my surgery on July 15. The things I can do are amazing. I walk (no running yet) but the biggest thing is I can cross my legs again. My dream is to run in a marathon one day. I had the Lap-Band surgery. I have been taken off some of my medication such as Metformin and a couple of others. The staff at Tri-State Bariatics is like family, very caring and loving. I hope one day I can be part of the staff. If you follow what the dietitian says and the Dr's you should not have a problem. My biggest fear is getting sick, so that is why I follow what they say to the letter."

    Thank you, Frank

  • "I had been yoyo dieting all my life. I was at the point that due to arthirits in my knees and back I could hardly walk. I was on medication for high blood pressure and for high cholesterol. After much prayerful discernment I decided to investigate Lap-Band surgery. I came to Tri-State Bariatrics on July 3, 2008. At that day-long seminar I was given so much valuable information in a friendly, positive, and supportive manner. I knew that day that it was time for me to make this major move. I quickly made all the necessary appointments for my tests and my surgery was scheduled for October 15, 2008. Since that time I have lost over 120 pounds and my life has improved dramatically. I no longer need my medications. I can run and play with my grandchildren. I went to Disney with them last summer and I walked everywhere they did and went on all the rides as well. My quality of life has improved dramatically. Staying on track can be difficult at times but attending weekly support groups keeps me focused. Dr. Kwon and the staff at Tri-State Bariatrics do everything in their power to be supportive. I have been blessed to have found them!"


  • "I have been overweight most of my life. I have lost the weight many times, only to regain it all. I came to Tri-State for my seminar in September 2009. I was a very unhealthy weight of nearly 240! My blood pressure had become an issue. My cholesterol was extremely high. I had my surgery January 20, 2010 and to date I have lost 96 pounds. I am very happy with my journey and am looking forward to hitting my goal which is just a few pounds away. I can honestly say that coming to the support group meetings weekly has been a great help to me. Watching others who have had surgery years ago, who still attend is so helpful. The meetings give out very helpful information.

    Everyone at the center is very kind and helpful. I am NO longer taking blood pressure medication or cholesterol medication. I am able to work out daily. I can now run, walk, do aerobics. I can now play on our trampoline with our children and grandchild. Life is good. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I cherish each new day and every new experience I am now able to take advantage of and fully experience. Thank you Dr. Kwon for giving me my life back. :)"


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